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Our team of scientists has extensive understanding of ecosystem processes. We focus on:

Climat change

A carbon-constrained world is a new reality for organisations and companies. Emissions regulations...

Watershed management

Provision of clean water, erosion control, carbon sequestration, conservation of biodiversity and...

Aquatic services

We plan environmentally sensitive watercourse crossing strategies, conduct fish habitat...


Our fisheries team provides sound practical solutions by evaluating ecosystems affected by both...

Our Services

Our Expert knowledge of aquatic ecosystems and ecohydrology can help you to make sense of complex issues involving how physical, chemical, and biological factors interact with each other and with human activities, and to find sustainable and cost-effective solutions.
Environmental Impact Assessments
Risk Assessment
Terrestrial Services
GIS and Mapping
Fish Habitat Assessment
Climate Change
Data Mining and Analysis
Monitoring Programs
Watershed Modeling
Surface Water Restoration
Ecosystem Modeling
Sediment Diagenesis Modeling
Eutrophication Modeling in Lakes
Impact Assessment of Pollutants
Biochemical Analysis of Sediment
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Our Latest Projects


Lake Winnipeg Basin

The Lake Winnipeg Basin Initiative aims to restore the ecological health of Lake Winnipeg, reduce...


Lake Erie

The project limits are located in an area which could generally be characterized...


Bay of Quinte

Implementing greater watershed research and monitoring and increasing emphasis on collaborative...

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Thank you guys for all your help and assistance over the years with your services. Your knowledge and skillful approach is truly an asset to our company. I heartily recommend AEML Associates for anyone needing professional and ethical council with environmental compliance.

Nice theme
Mark ChapmanManager

I have known AEML Associates for over 5 years. They understand the challenges our industry faces and help provide effective solutions. I highly recommend AEML Associates and we will definitely use them as future needs arise.

High speed and quality
Martin MooreDirector

Me and my partners have found our relationship with this company to be a very satisfying and mutually beneficial experience. AEML Associates has done an excellent job of maintaining compliance with new environmental laws and regulations.

I love ThemeREX
John FoleyWater Resources Specialist

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