AEML Associates employs qualified and experienced aquatic biologists, hydrologists, wildlife biologists, botanists, toxicologists, and GIS/AutoCAD specialists.

Welcome to AEML Associates

Our Expert knowledge of aquatic ecosystems and ecohydrology can help you to make sense of complex issues involving how physical, chemical, and biological factors interact with each other and with human activities, and to find sustainable and cost-effective solutions.

Our team of aquatic scientists has extensive understanding of ecosystem processes. We also have multiple quantitative tools including statistical model (both Bayesian and frequentist methods), GIS-based data models and complex mechanistic models to address water quality problems, watershed-water interactions, climate change effects on aquatic ecosystem, and food web dynamics.


Our research focus

Aquatic Ecosystem Response to Climatic Variability
Aquatic Biogeochemical Modeling
Plankton Ecology/Food Web Dynamics
Watershed-Aquatic Ecosystem Interactions
Modeling of the Disinfection By-Products (DBPs) Formation in Water Treatment Plants

Peer review publications


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